Accredio- one of the best accreditation management software in the world

We made transformational improvements in the accreditation process of some of the top firms in the world. Want to be the next?

Transformation through Accredio

Accredio is a product outcome of working for more than a decade with some of the top firms in the US. It is highly customizable based on your business needs and enables you to streamline your processes and capture critical data in one safe environment. We manage and maintain it all for you

Accredio is a unique, easy-to-use, cloud-based framework that enables your organization to automate end-to-end accreditation processes and add new capabilities for analytics and improved reporting.

With Accredio, you can reduce your organization’s operating costs significantly, while giving your users an enhanced experience & operational insight. Accredio comes with exceptional features

Integrated Document Management
Questionnaire Management
Process Management

Organization/ People management
Compliance Management
Easy integration

Achieve the following with minimal disruption to your existing process using a modular approach that gives you the flexibility to upgrade or replace components of your current system

Transforming your workflows

Better team scheduling

Extremely user-friendly interfaces

Industry Coverage

Accredio can be implemented with ease in the following industries

Accreditation Bodies

Industrial Auditors/ ISOs

We have the know how and commit to customize the software to fit your business needs without compromising on the quality standards required for accreditation

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