Simplify your accreditation process End- to - end with Accredio

A typical implementation realizes 30-40% savings on licensing and operational costs. Unlike other frameworks which need to be integrated with one another to make the whole system work, Accredio comes as a full package.

No unnecessary delays, we can seamlessly migrate data from your existing systems and implement Accredio quickly within 4-6 weeks. Automate your entire accreditation process swiftly without disrupting your current systems, today!

Challenges in accrediation process

As an ASPA participant, we understand accreditation bodies are constantly looking out for solutions to:

Get rid of document and spreadsheet-based
data collection method

Upgrade or modernize the systems with
enhanced functionality

Digitalize & transform the end-to-end
accreditation lifecycle

Make informed decisions based on
analytical insights

Accredio, our all-in-one accreditation management software platform, can help you achieve just that!

Features of Accredio

Accredio is an integrated accreditation framework and can be deployed quickly to accelerate time to value. With modern & robust features, like compliance management, document management, team selection, site visits and analytics, this software platform has the capability of managing the entire workflow of the accreditation process.

Organization & People Management

  • Organization Management
  • People Management
  • Program Management

Process Management

  • Process Configuration
  • Role based authorizations
  • Email Templates
  • Reference Documentation

Compliance Management

  • Policy Integrity
  • Assessment Integration
  • Version Management

Questionnaire Setup

  • Multiple Question Types
  • Document type questions
  • Selection type questions

Questionnaire Configuration

  • Assessment Creation
  • Rules engine
  • Notifications

Documents Repository

  • Document Management
  • Reference Documentation
  • Document Tagging
  • Document Collaboration

Reporting & Analytics

  • Data insights
  • Decision making
  • Reporting

Benefits of Accredio

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